Call Up The Fritzbox Interface: This Is How You Open Your Router’s Settings!

You can make many valuable settings in your router’s menu. Time rules, website locks, and passwords for dialing in can be set for individual users and devices. With our tricks, you can quickly call the Fritzbox interface and make the necessary adjustments.

Many Internet users are not concerned with how to call their Fritzbox interface, and you had the device set up without dealing with it. The router is more than just the access point to connect to the Internet. Among other things, it can be used as online storage, is an important factor in network security, and offers extensive options for controlling children’s Internet use. Valuable onboard tools are already included in these areas, meaning you don’t need to buy any additional software.

Call Up The Fritzbox Interface: This Is How You Get To The Menu.

If you want to set up the Internet router for a new provider, change the access data or update the operating system, you have to go to the Fritzbox menu. Before you do that, however, you should review your router’s reference card, titled “Factory Settings.” You received this with the device when it was delivered and need the data given on it.

To call up the Fritzbox interface, you need a computer, a smartphone, or a device connected to the respective WLAN network.

  • Open a browser of your choice on the device.
  • Type ” fritz. box ” or the address ” ” into the address bar.
  • Now you get to the start page of your router, where you have to enter your password. You can find this in the bottom row of the map provided.

Now you get to a quite extensive menu. The start page shows you all the important information in an overview. If you call up the individual categories, you will find details and can make settings.

Call up the Fritzbox interface and make important settings.

If you have opened the Fritzbox interface, then you should use the moment to set a few important settings. It includes the router’s access password and the device restrictions definition.

Change the access password for the router

If you’re getting a new router up and running, one of the first steps should be to adjust the network login password. The sub-item Security is located in the WLAN menu. If you click on this, a field for the WLAN network key opens in which you enter the password. Delete the assigned password and write in a new one. The following principles apply: the longer the password, the harder it is to crack. You can also use letters and special characters. You should remember the password well, as it replaces the key stated on the cover letter.

Set device restrictions

In many households, it is also important to restrict the use of certain devices – for example, by children. You can set this in the “Internet” menu under the Filter item. First, you will find an overview of all devices that have ever been connected to the network. You can then assign them a profile. In the profile settings, you can set the daily internet time so that the devices no longer have access when the quota is exhausted. It is also possible to block certain websites. Both functions can be used individually or in combination.

Use as online storage.

How about having your cloud storage where you can safely store important files? It is easily possible with the Fritzbox; all you need is a USB stick or hard drive that you plug into the USB port.

To access files, you must enter “” in Windows Explorer. But you can’t just access the storage from home. In the “Internet” menu and the “Shares” sub-item, in the Fritzbox Services tab, you will find the FTP address to download and save files from any network – for example, from the mobile web. In this way, you also determine which users can access the different areas and their rights.

If you haven’t looked at the menu yet, you should. There are numerous other settings you can play with to understand how they work. If you delete or destroy existing functions, that’s no problem either. Because it is always possible to reset the device to the factory settings without any issues. Then you have to set up the Fritzbox from scratch. So you need the access data from your Internet provider and the service card of your router, with whose data you can call up the Fritzbox interface.


As you can see, you can easily call up the Fritzbox interface and make the relevant settings. Use our comment function if you have further questions on the subject. We do our best to help you understand your router.

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