10 Best Games for Meta Quest 2

The Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) offers a wireless virtual reality experience without the need for a PC or wires. With the growing best games for Meta Quest 2 game library, there are many great games across different genres to enjoy. Here are 10 of the best games available for Meta Quest 2.

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The best games for Meta Quest 2 features a fast processor, high resolution display, and room scale tracking, allowing developers to create immersive games not possible on previous standalone VR headsets. The lack of wires combined with the Quest’s pricing has made quality VR more accessible to mainstream consumers.

As the Quest 2’s game library has grown, many fan favorite VR titles on PC headsets have made their way over, in addition to new creations built specifically for the wireless and controller-based Quest platform. Across genres from shooters to rhythm games to adventure titles, Quest has games for all interests.

1. Eleven Table Tennis

Eleven Table Tennis offers perhaps the most realistic and engaging ping pong simulation in VR. The game’s excellent physics engine paired with the Quest 2 controllers allows players to serve, smash, and slice as if holding an actual paddle. With both single player training modes and online multiplayer, Eleven Table Tennis has gained significant popularity, especially during the pandemic when people looked to virtual activities. The game continues to receive updates, including new customization options and improvements to physics. For both ping pong enthusiasts and casual players, Eleven Table Tennis is a must-have.

2. Moss: Book 2

A sequel to the acclaimed 2018 title Moss, Moss: Book 2 continues the storybook adventure tale of brave little mouse Quill. Using the Quest 2’s controllers, players directly interact with the diorama-like world, guiding and aiding Quill on her quest. With an emphasis on puzzles, exploration, and charming set pieces, Moss: Book 2 offers a more relaxed VR experience compared to action games. Vibrant colors and animation combined with an emotive soundtrack makes Moss feel like an interactive animated film. Those seeking a satisfying and heartwarming adventure will find it with Moss: Book 2.

3. Red Matter 2

From developer Vertical Robot comes Red Matter 2, a visually stunning sci-fi sequel and graphical showcase for the Quest 2. Marooned on an icy dwarf planet, players must uncover mysteries and find a way back home. Puzzles, environmental exploration, and a compelling narrative keeps the single player campaign engaging through its 6+ hour runtime. The game world features an astonishing amount of detail from sprawling machinery to subtle environmental touches. Red Matter 2 is a technical marvel on the Quest platform, delivering PC quality graphics in a wireless package. For those seeking an atmospheric sci-fi thriller, Red Matter 2 is a must play.

4. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

The Room VR: A Dark Matter brings the popular The Room puzzle series into an immersive VR setting. True to its origins, The Room VR focuses on environmental box puzzles, challenging players to uncover secrets and solve mechanical puzzles. Intuitive object interaction mechanics, stellar graphics, and an eerie tone makes for an engrossing experience as you rotate, prod, and examine intricate puzzle boxes. With numerous puzzles to solve, The Room VR offers significant replay value, especially for puzzle fans. The Room VR: A Dark Matter provides a finely crafted and unsettling escape room-like experience.

5. Asgard’s Wrath II

Asgard’s Wrath delivered a full fledged action adventure RPG to the Quest platform, while the upcoming sequel Asgard’s Wrath II looks to build upon this foundation into an even grander experience. Based on trailers and early previews, Asgard’s Wrath II transports players to a Norse mythology inspired realm of gods and monsters. Action oriented combat and exploration takes centerstage whether battling titanic beasts or discovering lost ruins. RPG mechanics also return including skill trees, items, and upgrades to fit player preferences. Although not yet released, Asgard’s Wrath II demonstrates the ambition of larger franchises expanding to Quest, bringing deep gameplay experiences native to the platform.

6. Half-Life: Alyx

While not natively a Quest game, the critically acclaimed Half-Life: Alyx can be played on Quest 2 through Oculus Link or Air Link, which streams games from a connected gaming PC. Setting the standard for VR narrative driven shooters, Half-Life: Alyx puts players directly into the gravity gloves of series hero Alyx Vance as she fights through the dystopian streets of City 17. Featuring Valve’s signature worldbuilding and puzzle design supplemented by groundbreaking VR interaction mechanics, Half-Life: Alyx brings the legendary franchise into a new era. From pulse-pounding combat to environmental storytelling, Half-Life: Alyx is a milestone in VR gaming.

7. Beat Saber

As one of VR’s killer apps, Beat Saber hardly needs an introduction. This iconic rhythm game challenges players to slash incoming blocks with dual lightsabers to the beat of adrenaline pumping music. Intuitive motion controlled swordplay combined with an addictive gameplay loop makes Beat Saber endlessly enjoyable. With a vast library of custom songs and beatmaps from the community, there is no shortage of content. Recent official updates have added varied environments, 90 degree levels, and a campaign mode. Supporting both solo and party play, Beat Saber is a staple multiplayer title on Quest 2.

8. Resident Evil 4 VR

Resident Evil 4 transformed the survival horror series with its over-the-shoulder shooting and dynamic action. This same mechanics translate flawlessly to virtual reality on Quest 2, putting players directly into the boots of Leon S. Kennedy’s as he fights through hordes of parasitic Los Ganados. All the memorable bosses, set pieces, and locations from the acclaimed 2005 release have been faithfully recreated for VR alongside new content tailor made for virtual reality. Terrifying enemies feel more imposing in VR while puzzle solving and exploration takes on new life. For horror fans, this genre defining title gets new life thanks to the immersion of VR on Meta Quest 2.

9. I Expect You To Die 2

The original I Expect You To Die proved puzzle games could be a perfect fit for room scale VR. In the sequel, players step back into the shoes of an elite secret agent facing deadly spy-fi themed puzzles. Set across distinct locales from an airplane to the arctic, each puzzle room is a environmental brain teaser threatening the player with explosive demise. Physics interactions, clues, MacGyver-esque solutions involving everyday objects, and humorous writing makes I Expect You To Die 2 an escapist good time as you cheat death using only your wits. Approachable to newcomers yet challenging for veterans, I Expect You To Die 2 is clever VR puzzle solving at its best.

10. Walkabout Mini Golf

Sometimes after action packed Quest games, a more casual and social experience can be welcome. Walkabout Mini Golf offers laid back multiplayer mini golf across intricately designed courses. Environments range from dinosaurs, pirates, hockey rinks, and even a course set on the moon’s surface thanks to VR. Intuitive motion controlled golf swings efficiently translates the sensations of putting in real life. Players can FaceTime friends into their room making Walkabout Mini Golf a fun party title. With seasons of new holes and customization options added since launch, Walkabout Mini Golf is only continuing to expand. Whether played solo or with friends, Walkabout Mini Golf is an easy recommendation for your Quest 2 library.


The Meta Quest 2 has solidified itself as mainstream gateway to virtual reality. Thanks to the growing dedicated library of made for Quest games, there are compelling experiences across genres from fast paced action to escapist puzzle solving adventures and social games to play with friends online. These 10 titles represent some of the highest quality offerings available now and upcoming for Meta Quest 2, but there are many other great games worth exploring as the platforms matures. Whether long time VR enthusiasts or those just entering this new frontier of gaming, Meta Quest 2 owners will find exciting adventures awaiting them.

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