JtraderPro is a stock exchange application. The App for this JTraderPro is available in Play Store. The JTraderPro Login and Registration steps are given below with proper guidelines. You get all the latest information and news about all the stocks which are available on Jamaica Stock Exchange.

The user can buy and sell the share at the trading time, and you can get a summary during non-trading hours. All users can get the latest featuring company and their news in the Application. The Application also provides you with Market Statistics and Key performance indicators.

JTraderPro Sign Up:

The JTraderPro Sign-up is a speedy and easy process. For this, we have provided you with the Guidelines which are given below:

  • First of all, go to the following link for Sign UP.
  • Now enter your mobile number.
  • Then there will be a drop-down menu that includes if you would like Open An Account or Get Some Information or Other.
  • Then there will be a similar drop-down menu for the branch, which includes Kingston, Mandeville, or Montego Bay.
  • Now enter your comment or your thinking about the JTraderPro.
  • Then click on the checkbox for agreeing with the privacy policy and terms & conditions of the JTraderPro.

JTraderPro Login:

The JTraderPro Login is a quick and easy process. We have provided you with the Guidelines, which are given below:

  • Go to the following link for login.
  • First, Enter your Username or Email-ID.
  • Now enter your Password.
  • Then click on remember me if you want to avoid entering your username or email and Password every time you want to enter your account.
  • Then finally, click on the “Log In” button.

JTraderPro Apps:

The JTraderPro is a very trusted and simple App that provides a service for buying and selling shares at JSE. The link for the JSE is given here This App was released on April 16, 2022. To date, there are more than 5000 downloads for this App. Everyone can provide the Content Rating. The Application of JSE requires Android Version 5.1 and Up.

JTraderPro Account Locked:

Your JTraderPro Account is locked because you might have entered your Password incorrectly. According to SEBI rules and regulations, the account is locked whenever a customer inserts the Password erroneously three times. After that, accounts get closed for the respective user.

JTraderPro Contact Details:

  • Contact Number: 876-929-7102
  • Email Address:
  • Forms: You can fill out the form online on the website, which includes Name, Email, Subject for Complain, and a Message which you want to company to get.


Thanks for reading the post. Furthermore, If you need help or have doubts about the JTraderPro Login, then let us know in the comment section.

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How do I use JTraderPro?

You need to register. There are various features and benefits of JTraderPro. The list of benefits that we get are listed below:

  1. Registration
  2. Funds Requests
  3. Order Management
  4. Real-Time Market View
  5. View and Print Statements
  6. Customer Support

How do I open a JTrader account?

There are various steps for which we have provided you in the Guide:

  1. Visit Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) website.
  2. Now follow our instructions to Sign Up to get access to JSCD Account Number.
  3. If you are not currently signed in, which provides you with a Signed Fax/Email Indemnity Form, then you can ask them to help and do the same and return it to them.

How do I join the Jamaica Stock Exchange?

There are various steps for joining the Jamaica Stock Exchange. The Listing Process is provided to you below:

  1. Select a Market
  2. Select a Team
  3. Prepare the Offer Document
  4. Submit your Offer Document
  5. Submit Application for List
  6. Listing and Admission of Trading
  7. Ongoing Requirement 

What time does the stock market open in Jamaica?

The Jamaica Stock Exchange is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The JSE does not have any lunch breaks.

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