What Is myhumboldt And How Does It Work


myHumboldt is an online portal and mobile application designed for students, faculty, and staff at Humboldt State University. It serves as a central hub to access important information, applications, and services. myHumboldt aims to provide a simple yet comprehensive platform to enhance the experience for the HSU community. This article will provide an overview of myHumboldt, explain how it works, outline key features and benefits, and address frequently asked questions.

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Overview of myHumboldt

myHumboldt was launched in 2015 by Humboldt State University in California. It was created as part of an initiative to improve technology systems and make resources more accessible for the campus population. The goal was to consolidate various systems into one centralized and convenient portal.

myHumboldt can be accessed online through any web browser at myhumboldt.humboldt.edu. There is also a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. The platform provides access to common tools and allows users to view personal student data, such as class schedules, grades, financial aid information, and more.

How Does myHumboldt Work?

myHumboldt uses a single sign-on system that allows users to log in with their HSU username and password. This authentication integrates with campus systems to pull in personalized information and grant access to relevant applications.

Once logged in, the main dashboard displays modules known as “channels.” These channels group related information and services into categories like Academics, Finances, Student Life, and Tools. The layout is customizable, so users can rearrange or hide channels based on preference.

The platform pulls data directly from source systems like Student Center, Canvas, and HSU’s email. It does not store sensitive information but rather works as a secure gateway. When users access systems through myHumboldt, they are seamlessly directed to the official platforms where data is housed.

Key Features and Benefits

myHumboldt centralizes access to essential HSU services and provides the following key features:

  • Single sign-on access: Log in once with HSU credentials to securely access connected systems.
  • Class schedule: View class schedule by term with real-time updates.
  • Student Center: Access student account, register for classes, check grades, view holds, etc.
  • Canvas LMS: Link directly to course pages to view materials, assignments, and grades.
  • Gmail: Use HSU email account directly through myHumboldt.
  • HSU alerts: View emergency notifications for campus safety.
  • Financial aid: Check financial aid awards, account activity, and accept/decline loans.
  • Degree audit: Track progress toward degree completion.
  • Clubs/activities: Browse and join HSU clubs and activities.
  • Shuttle schedule: Look up real-time campus shuttle information.

These features streamline access to key services for students, faculty, and staff. Benefits include:

  • Convenience of a centralized hub for HSU resources
  • Easy access to personal student data and accounts
  • Single sign-on eliminates need for multiple logins
  • Customizable platform to display preferred information
  • Real-time data for class schedule, grades, etc.
  • Available on web and mobile devices for on-the-go access

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use myHumboldt?

myHumboldt is available to all current HSU students, faculty, and staff. Users need an HSU username and password to log in.

Is my information secure on myHumboldt?

Yes, myHumboldt uses industry-standard security measures to keep user data safe, such as HTTPS, encryption, and access controls. It does not store sensitive data but rather connects users to source systems securely.

What devices can I use to access myHumboldt?

The myHumboldt portal can be accessed from any computer through the web browser. The mobile app is available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

How do I customize myHumboldt dashboard?

After logging in, click the edit icon on any channel. You can then hide, rearrange, or add available channels to your dashboard.

Can I access Canvas through myHumboldt?

Yes, the Canvas channel allows direct access to your Canvas courses, materials, grades, and more after logging into myHumboldt.

Who do I contact for technical issues with myHumboldt?

Please contact the IT Help Desk at help@humboldt.edu or 707-826-HELP for any technical assistance with myHumboldt.


myHumboldt provides Humboldt State University students, faculty, and staff with a simple yet robust portal to access important campus information and services. Key features include single sign-on capabilities, links to Student Center, Canvas, email, and more. The platform is customizable and available on both web and mobile. my Humboldt aims to enhance the experience of the HSU community by consolidating the technology ecosystem into one centralized hub for convenience and efficiency.

Table of myHumboldt’s Key Features

Single Sign-OnLog in once with HSU credentials to access connected systems
Class ScheduleView class schedule by term with real-time updates
Student Center AccessCheck grades, register for classes, view financial aid info, etc.
Canvas LMSDirectly access Canvas courses, materials, and grades
HSU EmailUse official HSU email account through myHumboldt
Emergency AlertsView alerts and notifications for campus safety
Financial AidCheck financial aid awards, account activity, accept/decline loans
Degree AuditTrack progress toward degree completion
Clubs and ActivitiesBrowse and join HSU student clubs and activities
Shuttle ScheduleLook up real-time campus shuttle information

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