What Is tafcop And How Does It Works? [Review]


TAFCOP (Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection) is an analytics platform launched by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in India. It aims to protect telecom consumers from issues like fraud and unsolicited communications.

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This platform allows users to check if someone is misusing their Aadhaar-linked mobile number without their knowledge. It also helps users report and block unused mobile connections that may have been issued in their name.

In this detailed guide, we will understand what is TAFCOP, its key features, how it works, and how to use it to secure your mobile connections.

What is TAFCOP?

TAFCOP stands for Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection.

It is an analytics platform launched by DoT in 2018.

The platform uses technologies like big data analytics to detect fraudulent activities and protect consumer interests in the telecom sector.

It aims to tackle issues like:

  • Unsolicited commercial communication (spam/promotional messages)
  • Misuse of subscribers’ personal information
  • Fraudulent porting and activations
  • Subscriber identity module (SIM) cloning

TAFCOP provides facilities for consumers to:

  • Check the number of mobile connections issued against their identity
  • Report connections that they no longer use or did not subscribe to
  • It enables telecom operators to take action by deactivating unused numbers reported by subscribers.

The platform also shares security tips and awareness material to educate consumers.

Key Features of TAFCOP

TAFCOP comes with several useful feature:

  • Check Number of Connections
  • Subscribers can check the number of mobile connections operating against their name and identity details.
  • This helps them identify any unknown connections that may have been issued without their consent.
  • Report Unused/Unauthorized Numbers

Users can report mobile numbers that:

  • They are not using anymore
  • Were issued in their name without their knowledge
  • Telecom operators take action by blocking/deactivating these numbers.

Security Tips & Updates

TAFCOP portal provides latest security and awareness updates regarding telecom services.

It shares tips to prevent frauds like SIM cloning, KYC violations, etc.

Grievance Redressal

Users can raise grievances regarding any unauthorized mobile connections issued in their name.

These are resolved by DoT and telecom companies.

Big Data Analytics

The platform uses big data analytics on the telecom dataset to detect fraud patterns and protect consumer interests.

Tools like machine learning help identify unscrupulous activities across mobile networks.

How Does TAFCOP Work?

Now let us understand how TAFCOP works and helps secure telecom consumers:

1#. Subscriber Registration

First, the subscriber needs to register on the TAFCOP portal using their mobile number and OTP verification.

Registration can be done directly or via telecom service provider’s app.

2#. Connection Check

After registration, subscribers can check the number of mobile connections operating against their ID like Aadhaar.

This reveals any unauthorized connections issued without their consent.

3#. Report Connections

If additional unknown connections are found, users can report them as unsolicited.

They need to provide details like unwanted mobile number, date of issue, telecom operator, etc.

4#. Telecom Operator Action

The telecom company verifies if the connection was issued without mandatory processes.

Valid reported numbers are then blocked or deactivated within 7 days.

Consumers get status updates on action taken for reported numbers.

5#. Security Updates & Tips

TAFCOP portal provides latest security updates and fraud prevention tips.

Consumers can educate themselves and prevent issues like SIM cloning.

6#. Grievance Redressal

For persistent unauthorized connections, users can raise grievances on the portal.

DoT and telecom companies investigate and resolve valid grievances.

Users get regular status updates on grievance redressal.

7#. Big Data Analytics

In the back-end, DoT uses big data analytics on telecom data from various operators.

Machine learning models identify suspicious behavior patterns indicative of fraudulent activities.

These insights help to take proactive measures to protect consumer interests and data privacy.

How To Use TAFCOP?

Using TAFCOP is quite straightforward for telecom subscribers. Here are the simple steps to use it:

1. Visit TAFCOP Website

Go to the official TAFCOP website – https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in.

Alternatively, you can access TAFCOP via your telecom operator’s app.

2. Register on TAFCOP

Provide your mobile number and verify with OTP.

Create a username and password for using TAFCOP services.

3. Login & Check Connections

Use registered credentials to login to your TAFCOP account.

Go to ‘Check Connections’ and see mobile numbers issued against your ID document like Aadhaar.

4. Report Unauthorized Numbers

If you find unknown connections, click on ‘Report Connections’ and submit details.

Provide number, telecom operator, date of issue, etc. to report it.

5. Track Status & Get Updates

Check status of your reported connections.

Operators will deactivate reported numbers after verification.

Also check security tips and fraud alerts regularly for awareness.

6. Raise Grievance

For persistent unauthorized connections, raise a grievance with details and documents.

DoT will investigate and resolve the issue with the telecom operator.


TAFCOP serves as an important tool to minimize telecom and Aadhaar-related frauds that harm consumers. Using its portal, subscribers can easily check for misuse of their ID-linked mobile numbers and report the unauthorized ones. Telecom operators also leverage the analytics to proactively detect suspicious activities.

By enabling consumers to monitor connections issued in their name and report unwanted ones, TAFCOP empowers them to secure their identity against misuse. It also educates subscribers about latest frauds, encouraging them to adopt safety best practices.

Overall, TAFCOP plays a pivotal role in the efforts to enhance data privacy, transparency and consumer protection in India’s telecom sector.


TAFCOP is a DoT platform to protect telecom consumers from frauds & unsolicited communication.

It enables users to check & report unauthorized mobile connections issued in their name.

TAFCOP works by letting users register, check connections, report unused numbers, raise grievances, etc.

Big data analytics in the backend helps identify suspicious patterns and protect user interests.

By using TAFCOP, telecom subscribers can monitor identity-linked mobile connections and prevent misuse.

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