What Are the White Lotus Smuggling Tunnels in Warzone 2 DMZ?


The White Lotus Smuggling Tunnels is a Tier 2 mission in Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s DMZ mode. DMZ is Warzone 2’s new high-stakes extraction mode where Operators have to infiltrate Al Mazrah to complete objectives, acquire loot, and exfil against enemies and the encroaching circle collapse.

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In the White Lotus Smuggling Tunnels mission, players are tasked with locating and clearing out an old smuggling tunnel complex used for storing contraband and other illegal goods. The tunnels are hidden inside a stronghold location somewhere within Al Mazrah that players need to track down and fight their way into.

Clearing out the tunnel complex of enemies and destroying the contraband caches inside rewards players with exclusive loot to use in future DMZ raids or in Warzone 2 Battle Royale. This article provides an in-depth overview of the White Lotus Smuggling Tunnels mission, how to take on the stronghold and tunnels, and the rewards for completing it successfully.

Overview of Al Mazrah’s Smuggling Tunnels

Al Mazrah has a long history of smuggling and illegal trade, given its geographical location connecting Europe, Asia, and Africa. During the 1980s, an extensive network of smuggling tunnels was constructed underneath one of the city’s districts to secretly transport contraband like drugs, weapons, and other illicit goods.

The White Lotus smuggling tunnels were built and controlled by a prominent crime family in Al Mazrah known as the White Lotus Syndicate. At the height of their power, the White Lotus utilized the tunnels to quietly move their contraband around the city without detection from local authorities.

After the syndicate’s decline, the tunnels were abandoned but still contain stockpiles of valuable contraband locked away behind stronghold defenses. In DMZ, Operators are tasked with raiding the tunnels to recover the goods for themselves.

Locating the Hidden Stronghold Access

The first step in taking on the White Lotus Smuggling Tunnels mission is locating the hidden tunnel complex entrance. This is located in one of several possible stronghold locations around Al Mazrah.

Strongholds are fortified compounds defended by AI combatants that players need to fight through. The goal is to locate the stronghold that contains the tunnel access point, marked by a “White Lotus Smuggling Tunnels” site icon when you enter the radius.

Using intel from previously completed missions or exploring Al Mazrah can help uncover the tunnels’ location. Once at the correct stronghold, players need to battle through its exterior defenses and interior buildings to acquire a Security Keycard to unlock the tunnel entrance.

Clearing Out the Tunnels

Upon entering the tunnels, players will find themselves in a dimly lit, underground maze filled with enemies, contraband caches, and side rooms to explore. The tight corridors and low visibility make the tunnel complex ideal for close quarters combat.

Operators will need to methodically clear each tunnel section, using weapons like SMGs or shotguns to swiftly dispatch enemies around corners or waiting in ambush. Traps like proximity mines, automated turrets, and even attack dogs provide additional resistance.

The goal is to fight through the network of tunnels while destroying contraband caches by planting explosives on them. Destroying all the caches is critical to completing the mission and securing the best rewards. Players also need to eliminate the heavily armored mini-boss enemy who patrols the tunnels.

Escaping the Tunnels

Once all contraband is destroyed and enemies killed, players can make their escape. Exfiling requires reaching the tunnel entrance which is marked on the tac-map. With the alarms tripped by blasting the caches, remaining enemies will aggressively hunt players as they try to escape.

Sticking together as a squad and watching for ambushes is key to surviving the escape. Using smoke grenades or distractions can provide cover as well. Successfully exfilling the tunnels via the entrance completes the mission, earning XP and loot rewards.

DMZ Mission Rewards

Successfully finishing the White Lotus Smuggling Tunnels mission earns Operators some great rewards:

  • XP: Players gain a large amount of XP for completing a Tier 2 mission, helping to rank up the DMZ Battle Pass.
  • Exclusive Loot: The tunnels contain rare weapon blueprints, attachments, equipment, and Killstreaks that don’t spawn elsewhere in DMZ.
  • Calling Card: Destroying all the contraband earns the “Perfect Duo” animated Calling Card featuring two Corgis. This exclusive Calling Card can be equipped in DMZ and Warzone 2.
  • Intel: Completing the mission provides intel on other locations in Al Mazrah for future missions.

By taking on the deadly smuggling tunnels, Operators gain access to unique rewards to aid future DMZ raids and increase their prestige. It’s a challenging mission but one of the most rewarding opportunities in all of DMZ.

Tips for Taking On the Tunnels

Here are some key tips for players dropping into the White Lotus Smuggling Tunnels mission:

  • Come prepared: Load up with CQB-oriented guns like SMGs or shotguns and explosives to destroy contraband caches. Bring extra armor and ammo as well.
  • Watch for traps: The tunnels are littered with mines and turrets, so move slowly and watch the floor and ceilings to avoid surprises. Use spotter scopes or throwing knives to trigger traps from a distance.
  • Clear methodically: Don’t rush ahead alone into unsecured areas. Move as a unit, covering flanks and avenues of approach. Listen for audio cues of enemy locations.
  • Destroy all contraband: Don’t exfil until every single contraband cache is destroyed, in order to earn the best rewards. Split up to find them all if needed.
  • Save killstreaks: Having air support or armor packages ready for the exfil run can be a lifesaver when trying to escape against swarms of enemies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the smuggling tunnels located?

The tunnels are located inside one of several stronghold compounds around Al Mazrah. Players need to locate the specific stronghold marked with the “White Lotus Smuggling Tunnels” site icon.

What’s needed to enter the tunnels?

Players must fight through the stronghold and acquire a Security Keycard from an enemy to unlock the tunnel entrance door.

What’s inside the tunnel complex?

The tunnels contain stockpiles of contraband that must be destroyed, valuable loot caches, enemy defenders, traps, and a mini-boss enemy.

How do you destroy the contraband?

Contraband caches can be destroyed by planting explosives on them. C4, Grenades, RPGs, and other lethal equipment will work.

Is the mission doable solo?

Yes, but having a squad is recommended. The tunnels are close quarters and enemies use ambush tactics, so watching flanks and reviving teammates helps tremendously.


The White Lotus Smuggling Tunnels provide an intense and rewarding mission for Warzone 2 DMZ players. Infiltrating the hidden underground complex tests combat skill and teamwork while offering exclusive loot for those who survive.

While challenging, completing the operation delivers valuable rewards and intel to boost future DMZ raids and your overall Operator progression. The smuggling tunnels are an exciting opportunity to uncover Al Mazrah’s hidden secrets and reap the benefits they provide.

Table: Tips for Taking On White Lotus Smuggling Tunnels

Come preparedBring CQB-oriented guns, extra armor/ammo, explosives for caches
Watch for trapsMove slowly, look for mines, turrets, trigger from range
Clear methodicallyDon’t rush ahead alone, move together clearing areas
Destroy all contrabandDon’t exfil until every cache is destroyed
Save killstreaksHave air/armor support ready for the escape

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