What Is OpenTGC? A Legitimate Platform or Scam?


OpenTGC (opentgc.com) is a website that offers two main services – providing a platform for trading and selling collectible card games, and for creating and sharing transgender/transformation (TG/TF) adult content. With over 3 million estimated visits per month, the site has garnered some interest and discussion around its legitimacy and safety.

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This article reviews what OpenTGC is, the services it offers, whether there are any user reviews that support its legitimacy, and most importantly – how safe the site is to use.

What is OpenTGC and What Services Does it Offer?

OpenTGC serves two very different functions:

1. Platform for Trading/Selling Collectible Card Games

The site operates as a platform where users can trade and sell collectible trading card games (TCGs) and collectible card games (CCGs). This includes popular games like Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh! and more.

It allows users to connect to buy, sell and trade physical cards and accessories related to these games.

2. Platform for Creating/Sharing TG/TF Content

Additionally, OpenTGC also serves as a platform for users to create and share transgender/transformation (TG/TF) content. This refers to fictional erotic content involving gender transformations and bodily transformations which caters to the TG/TF fetish community.

Users can share captions, stories, morphs and discussion around TG/TF themes. The site appears to have an active community creating and engaging with this type of adult content.

So in summary, OpenTGC serves as both a marketplace for TCGs/CCGs as well as a platform for sharing adult TG/TF content.

What Do We Know About OpenTGC’s Legitimacy Based on User Reviews?

There is limited information available regarding user experiences and legitimacy of OpenTGC:

  • A review on MrPornGeek praises the site for having lots of fun stories and a great community for TG/TF lovers. However, it does not validate legitimacy or safety.
  • IsLegitSite.com lists OpenTGC as a legitimate site but provides no user reviews or feedback.
  • Sites like MostPopularPornSites.com and HotPornSites.com review OpenTGC purely for its adult content, not its legitimacy as a marketplace.

So while there appears to be a thriving community creating adult content on OpenTGC, there is little evidence from users regarding the site’s trustworthiness – either as a platform for trading TCGs or for safety of the adult content side.

Is OpenTGC Considered a Safe Website to Use?

The safety and legitimacy of OpenTGC is questionable for a few reasons:

  • Security analysis site Webrate.org does not consider OpenTGC to be a safe site.
  • IsLegitSite’s assessment is inconclusive on declaring it as legitimate.
  • There’s potential risks around malware, phishing and accessing adult content.

As there is little transparency around OpenTGC’s operations, ownership structure and user data handling policies, it’s difficult to ascertain it as a completely safe platform.

Users are advised to exercise caution while accessing content or sharing personal information on the site. Reliable safety protection should be used.


In summary – OpenTGC is a dual platform for trading TCGs as well as sharing TG/TF adult content. While it appears to host an active user community, there is insufficient evidence to validate the site’s legitimacy and assurances of safety.

Users should approach OpenTGC with skepticism, use safety protection measures and share information at their own discretion until more details around the platform’s security and data policies are available. There simply remains an element of risk around using this platform.

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